The modification of Hovercraft Mars-700/700E

Mars-700 is passenger version for Russia.

Mars-700M is patrol version for Russia.

Mars-700E is passenger version for Export ( outside Russia).

Mars-700EM is patrol version for Export ( outside Russia).


The hovercraft Mars-700/700E has a high maneuverability and can be used to supply remote settlements, for passenger and freight transportation, protection of water bodies, search and rescue as well as a type of official vehicle for law enforcement structures.

The Hovercraft Mars-700/700E is distinguished by good maneuverability and ability to on water, land, snow and ice surfaces, shoals and shallow water.


  1. Passenger hovercraft
  2. Rescue Hovercraft
  3. Military Hovercraft
  4. Patrol Hovercraft
  5. Tourist Hovercraft
  6. Commercial Hovercraft
  7. Medical Hovercraft
  8. Oil spill Hovercraft
  9. Logistic Hovercraft
  10. Private hovercraft


Hovercraft Mars-700/700E

Hovercraft type: Skeg scheme of flexible fencing
Operation area: Sea, Inland waterways and lakes, Ice and Snow
Overall length: 7,84 m
Overall width: 3,72 m
Overall heigh with mast: 3,36 m
Overall heigh: 4,8 m
Full displacement: 2400 kg
Passenger capacity: 7 passengers/seats
Travel range: 500 km
Max speed:
On the calm water with the wind up to 1 m/s: No less than 60 km/h
Operation speed: 50 km/h
Brand/model  IVECO F1C diesel engine (146 h.p.)


Hovercraft Mars-700/700E

  • range – 500 km;
  • metal screw and CC with anti-icing system as standard;
    metal case provides durability, and a light cabin made of fiberglass provides good heat and sound insulation;
  • high maintainability and ease of maintenance;
  • low noise level;
  • optimal placement of the craft gravity center in comparison with analogues;
  • horizontal steering wheels as standard;
  • availability of a closed hood and a high degree of engine accessibility to perform maintenance work;
  • belt protection system eliminating beating, vibration and providing a smooth start;
  • availability of a proprietary maintenance and navigatorsʹ training service;
    low spatter formation during maneuvering and movement;
    autonomous heating during parking;
  • all year-round period of operation.