The hovercraft Mars-3000/3000E/3000EM/3000M has a high maneuverability and can be used to supply remote settlements, for passenger and freight transportation, protection of water bodies, search and rescue as well as a type of official vehicle for law enforcement structures.

The modification of Mars series hovercraft

Mars-3000 is civil version for Russia.

Mars-3000M is special version for Russia.

Mars-3000E is civil version for Export ( outside Russia).

Mars-3000EM is special version for Export ( outside Russia).

Hovercraft Mars-3000/3000E/3000EM/3000M

Hovercraft Mars-3000/3000E/3000EM/3000M


Hovercraft Mars-3000/3000E

Hovercraft type: Skeg scheme of flexible fencing
Overall length: 15,5 m
Overall width: 7,66 m
Overall heigh: 6,67 m
Passenger capacity including a navigator: 35 people
Travel range: 500 km
Max speed:
On the water: 65 km/h
Engine: 2 x diesel

This allows the only among the hovercraft producers, to provide a 2 year guarantee.


Hovercraft Mars-3000/3000E

  • high speed;
  • range of up to 500 km;
  • metal screw in the basic configuration with the anti-icing system (Crushing Complex) due to electric heating;
  • the availability of removable protection of flexible fencing as standard (removable soles);
  • optimal placement of the craft gravity center in comparison with analogues (the center of gravity of ACC of other brands is shifted in the stern);
  • horizontal steering wheels as standard;
  • availability of a closed cabin and a high degree of the engine accessibility to perform service work;
  • two-cylinder flexible fence scheme as standard;
  • belt protection system eliminating runout, vibration and providing a smooth start (overrunning clutches, flexible clutches) passenger capacity of the boat is up to 35 passengers including the navigator;
  • metal case provides durability, and the lightweight case made of fiberglass provides good thermal and noise insulation;
  • availability of two “gull-wing” doors along the sides of the craft;
    craft dimensions allow its transportation on a trailer by public roads without the traffic police approval;