Hovercraft Mars-10

Hovercraft Mars-10

Since 1995 it has been built and delivered:
Hovercraft Mars-10 delivered more than 16 hulls.

Passenger capacity including a navigator: 10 passengers

Project Mars-10/10E/10EM is the next generation of the well-known project Mars-700/700E.

Hovercraft Mars-10

The hovercraft Mars-10 is designed for comfortable operation on water, overgrown shallow water, sand banks, snow and any other relatively flat surface, including loose snow, along rivers during ice drift and freeze-up.

The main advantage of this craft is a higher level of reliability in comparison with analogues. This allows the only among the hovercraft producers, to provide a 2 year guarantee.

Application of Hovercraft Mars-10

  1. Passenger hovercraft
  2. Rescue Hovercraft
  3. Military Hovercraft
  4. Patrol Hovercraft
  5. Tourist Hovercraft
  6. Commercial Hovercraft
  7. Medical Hovercraft
  8. Oil spill Hovercraft
  9. Logistic Hovercraft
  10. Private hovercraft

The modification of Mars series hovercraft

Mars-10 is passenger version for Russia.

Mars-10E is passenger version for Export ( outside Russia).

Mars-10M is patrol version for Russia.

Mars-10EM is patrol version for Export ( outside Russia).

Our hovercrafts manufacturing is composed of highly qualified specialists of engineering and working professions, capable in a short time and with high quality to perform work on the design, construction and repair of high-speed vessels for various purposes and has its own design and technological base.The manufacturing includes a production and household building with an area of 5800.5 sq. m., which houses the following areas:

• section of an Assembly-welding works;
• installation area;
• locksmith area;
• wiring area;
• the site of production of fiberglass products;
• painting area;
• the station finishing works;


Construction date: from 1995 year
Delivered: more than 16 hulls
Location: Russia and European Union