Multi modular Hovercraft Mars-25EMM

The Multi modular Hovercraft Mars-25EMM has changeable medical module, cargo module, refueling module, passenger module, power plant module and service module and can  used on water, land, snow and ice surfaces, shoals and shallow water.

The Multi modular Hovercraft Mars-25EMM can be operated at high temperatures, low temperatures and in difficult weather conditions.

The main advantage of this craft is a higher level of reliability in comparison with analogues. This allows the only among the hovercraft producers, to provide a 2 year guarantee.


The hovercraft Mars-25EMM has a high maneuverability and can be used to supply remote settlements, for passenger and freight transportation, protection of water bodies, search and rescue as well as a type of official vehicle for law enforcement structures.

Multi modular Hovercraft Mars-25EMM

Hovercraft type: Skeg scheme of flexible fencing
Overall length: 25,0 m
Overall width: 12,0 m
Overall heigh: 7,0 m
Carrying capacity: 50 ton
Travel range: 700 km
Max speed: 100 km/h


Multi modular Hovercraft Mars-25EMM

  • high speed;
  • range of up to 700 km;
  • metal screw in the basic configuration with the anti-icing system (Crushing Complex) due to electric heating;
  • the availability of removable protection of flexible fencing as standard (removable soles);
  • optimal placement of the craft gravity center in comparison with analogues (the center of gravity of ACC of other brands is shifted in the stern);
  • horizontal steering wheels as standard;
  • availability of a closed cabin and a high degree of the engine accessibility to perform service work;
  • two-cylinder flexible fence scheme as standard;
  • metal case provides durability, and the lightweight case made of fiberglass provides good thermal and noise insulation;
  • availability of two “gull-wing” doors along the sides of the craft;
    craft dimensions allow its transportation on a trailer by public roads without the traffic police approval;
  • modern design;
  • availability of a maintenance service and training program for navigators.


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