Test drive of hovercraft

You’re only a few steps away from booking a test drive of AiroJet series Hovercrafts. We’ll need some information from you in order to book you in and it should only take a few minutes.

Hovercraft Mirage 2 classic skirt type


AiroJet series Hovercraft: passenger hovercraft PAX: 4-20 passengers/seats, military hovercraft PAX: 4-20 passengers/seats, cargo hovercraft with cargo platform 400-1600 kg of , open tent hovercrafts, transformer hovercraft, small hovercraft ready for your test drive on the manufacturer's area.

The AiroJet series Hovercrafts has a high maneuverability and can be used to supply remote settlements, for passenger and freight transportation, protection of water bodies, search and rescue as well as a type of official vehicle for law enforcement structures.
More information on https://mhovercraft.com/products/airojet-series-hovercrafts/