Warranty terms & conditions

We administers warranties on the Mars series Hovercrafts as offered by the Original Equipment Manufacturers. Applicable warranties would be those agreed upon at time of purchase.

We provides following  warranty terms of Mars series hovercraft:

  • Hull and cabin: 2 years
  • Engine: 2 years or 2000 working hours (whichever comes first)
  • Flexible fencing (Skirt System): 500 working hours or 1 year (whichever comes first)
  • Batteries: 1 year

The manufacturer’s standard warranty includes:

  • Repair of the defective product at the manufacturer’s certified partner or at the manufacturer.
  • All spare parts for the repair
  • Cost for economical shipment to customer

Onboard Warranty

If the product was commissioned and registered by a manufacturer’s certified partner, the customer has the right to the onboard warranty.

The  onboard warranty includes:

  • Free shipping of the necessary parts
  • Labour: within normal working hours

Warranty Registration

For the Standard Warranty – presentation of product with serial number  is sufficient. Otherwise, the invoice with serial number, name and stamp of the partner and date of purchase is shown.

For the Onboard Warranty your certified partner will take care of all registrations. The customer will receive a confirmation email of the successful registration of his products if the email address is provided.

Warranty Limitations

The warranty is only valid if the product was correctly used. Therefore, it is necessary for the customer to comply with the instructions in the handbook. Problems which result from not complying with the instruction manual are not covered by the warranty.

The maximum liability of this warranty under no circumstances exceeds the price stated in the product contract for liability of a defective product.

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2 year warranty